Poster presentations

List of posters:

  • "A Preliminary Study about the Need of Speci c Methods in Time Series
    Classi cation". Presenter: Amaia Abanda.
  • "Crowd Learning with Candidate Labeling: an EM-based Solution". Presenter:
    Iker Beñaran.
  • "Discover Emerging New Classes. Balance between Supervised and Nonsupervised
    Classi cation Paradigms". Presenter: Ander Carreño.
  • "Nutrix - Arti cial Intelligence for Nutritionists". Presenter: Jorge Crespo-
  • "Time Series Clustering Based on the Characterisation of Segment Typologies".
    Presenter: David Guijo-Rubio.
  • "Estimation of Population Probabilities Using Complex Survey Data: Comparison
    of Real and Simulated Data". Presenter: Amaia Iparragirre.
  • "Feature Subset Selection in Multivariate Time Series Classi cation". Presenter:
    Josu Ircio.
  • "Multi-label Classi cation of Induction Motor Faults Using PCA and Decision
    Trees". Presenter: Mario Juez-Gil.
  • "Non-destructive Spectroscopy and Data Analysis for Food Quality Monitoring:
    Kiwifruit Quality Prediction under Cool Storage Conditions". Presenter:
     Angela Melado-Herreros.
  • "Density Estimation and Parameter Inference on Scienti c Simulators via
    Neural Networks". Presenter: Sebastian Pina-Otey.
  • "A Wavelet Analysis of the Dynamic Relationship between Crude Oil Spot
    and Long-term Futures Prices". Presenter: Josue M. Polanco-Martnez.
  • "Generalized Deep Learning for Image Analysis: NVIDIA Jetson TX1 Platform
    Implementation". Presenter: Itsaso Rodríguez.
  • "Statistical Model for Reproducibility in Ranking Based Feature Selection".
    Presenter: Ari Urkullu.
  • "Supervised classi cation based on minimax probabilistic transformations".
    Presenter: Andrea Zanoni.