La Salle Bilbao students enjoy a day on science at BCAM

Students from La Salle school visiting BCAM
  • The activity is part of the INSPIRA project that promotes STEAM professions among girls, in which BCAM PhD Student Amaia Abanda participates as a mentor

26 children from La Salle School in Bilbao have visited the Basque Center for Applied Mathematics with their mentor in the INSPIRA project, BCAM PhD Student Amaia Abanda.

During the day they were able to enjoy various talks related to mathematics and science in general. First, they have learned what fractals are from BCAM PhD Student Daniel Eceizabarrena. The mathematician and scientific disseminator Marta Macho has spoken to them about the role of women in science and technology through six great historical references such as Ada Lovelace. They have also learned how Machine Learning works and what algorithms are in the talk by the PhD student Amaia Abanda. The visit has ended with an experiment in which the students learned how to build a small hologram.

INSPIRA is an initiative that seeks to promote scientific and technological vocations among Basque students, especially girls, through awareness-raising and orientation activities given by professional women from the world of research, science and technology. This is an initiative promoted by the University of Deusto, with the collaboration of Innobasque and Elhuyar Fundazioa and the funding of the three regional governments and BBK. BCAM signed a commitment to support the project last June and has joined the INSPIRA manifesto to work actively for equality between men and women in the scientific-technological field.

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