The private sector supports Severo Ochoa centres and Maria de Maeztu units alliance report on “Necessary actions to safeguard the competitiveness of science”

  • SOMMa and the organizations supporting this initiative represent close to 6,800 businesses, societies, centres and research units, which employ more than 500,000 people in Spain, and have an economic activity equivalent to 10,53 % of the GDP

SOMMA brings together research centres and units with the Severo Ochoa and María de Maeztu awards of excellence, including the Basque Center for Applied Mathematics – BCAM. The aim of this union is to promote, strengthen and maximize at national and international level both the value of science and its economic and social impact.

In a press release recently published by SOMMa, various business organisations and associations linked to R&D&I stress “the need for specific and appropriate regulations within the framework of European legislation to safeguard the competitiveness of the sector, as is the case in other countries” and insist “on the need to establish science as a priority and to promote innovation so that knowledge can be transformed into a benefit for society”.

Now, for the first time, business organizations and associations linked to R+D+I in Spain express their support towards Spanish research, and towards the initiative promoted by SOMMa. In particular, they stress the need for adequate, specific regulations within the framework of the European regulations, safeguarding the competitiveness of the research sector, as happens in other countries. As well, they insist on the need to make science a priority, and to promote innovation, allowing knowledge to translate into tangible benefits for society.

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