BCAM wins the BIOK! challenge launched by Athletic Club

retoBIOK Athletic Club

Photo credit: BEAZ

  • Researchers from the center will collaborate with the club’s medical services on a project that seeks to reduce the players’ injuries through new technologies

The proposal of the Data Science team of the Basque Center for Applied Mathematics has won the second BIOK! challenge launched by Athletic Club. BIOK! is the platform promoted by the Regional Department of Economic and Territorial Development, through Beaz, to generate new business opportunities.

The challenge was titled How to prevent and manage injuries to their sports teams using new technologies and was born out of Athletic Club’s interest in having a measurement and control system that allows to visualise the status of each player on a daily basis and thus plan training sessions and establish preventive strategies accordingly.

BCAM’s proposal, in which Manuel Higueras, Ekhine Irurozki, Dae-Jin Lee and Jose Antonio Lozano contributed along with UPV/EHU researcher Irantzu Barrio, was selected by the jury as one of the four finalists, among the 27 submitted. Members of the team participated in a co-creation workshop at Athletic’s facilities in Lezama on May 23rd and presented the final project in San Mamés Stadium a few days later.

According to the jury, the proposal of the Basque Center for Applied Mathematics has been awarded “for its experience in the area of Applied Mathematics, for the very high scientific and academic qualifications of the work team, and for adjusting to the current needs of the club” and both entities -BCAM and Athletic Club- will soon begin to develop a prototype of the project.

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