Several members of BCAM participate in the 3rd meeting of Basque mathematicians

  • The aim of this meeting is to create a network that promotes cooperation between Basque mathematicians

Matematikari Euskaldunen Topaketa“, the meeting of Basque mathematicians, held its third edition on 4 July at the Markeskua Palace in Eibar. As part of the summer courses organized by Udako Euskal Unibertsitatea (UEU), the aim of the meeting was for Basque mathematicians to get to know each other, share experiences and create a network of contacts to foster cooperation.

Among the speakers were BCAM PhD students Gorka Kobeaga and Daniel Eceizabarrena, as well as Postdoc Fellow Andoni García. Jon Ander Rivera, who is currently doing an internship within the Simulation of Wave Propagation research line at the center, also gave a lecture on the thesis he is developing for his master’s. Finally, Javier Canto, a PhD student from the Harmonic Analysis research line, attended the meeting as well as a participant.