BCAM and YPF Argentina sign a collaboration agreement to develop an industrial doctorate

Image source: ypf.com

  • The collaboration will be carried out in the field of computational mechanics techniques and Deep Learning

The Basque Center for Applied Mathematics – BCAM has signed a framework agreement of collaboration with the Argentinean oil company YPF. The agreement contemplates the realization of an industrial doctorate on “Improving Well Log Quality using Deep Neural Networks for Quantitative Seismic Interpretation”. In that sense, both parties will collaborate in computational mechanics and Deep Learning techniques, with special interest in image processing.

The doctoral thesis will be supervised by David Pardo, Ikerbasque researcher at the UPV/EHU and BCAM who is leading a European project on subsurface visualization, several national research projects, as well as research contracts with national and international companies; and Pilar Queralt, professor at the University of Barcelona who is part of the research group Grup de geodinàmica i anàlisi de conques (GGAC).

YPF is the main hydrocarbon producer in Argentina. It is dedicated to the study, exploration and exploitation, as well as the distillation, distribution and production of electric energy, gas, oil and derivatives. It also sells fuels, lubricants, fertilizers, plastics and other products related to the industry.