#WomenInMaths contest

In line with its commitment to gender equality and the promotion of scientific vocations among young women, BCAM launches the Twitter contest #WomenInMaths. The aim of this competition is to choose the name of the center's seminar room, in honour of a woman in mathematics.

Would you like to help us decide? You can win a limited edition Casio Scientific Calculator!

Below, we explain step by step how you can participate in the contest.

How do I participate?


Follow us!

Follow @BCAMBilbao on Twitter

Send your proposal

Respond to the tweet of the contest by proposing a female mathematician (who is not currently active).


Use the hashtag and explain why BCAM's seminar room should be named after her.

Good luck!

Pay attention to our social media. We will announce the winners on October 16th!



Responses that have been published on Twitter between September 25th, 2019 and October 9th, 2019 (both included) will participate in the contest.

Once the deadline for submission of images is over, a jury formed by members of BCAM's equality comission will select the best response.

On October 16th, 2019 the name of the winner will be published on BCAM's Twitter account @BCAMBilbao


The winner of the contest was Uxune Martinez (@UxuneM). In her tweet, she said that we should name the Seminar Room after Maryam Mirzakhani, the first woman to be awarded the Fields Medal in 2014 and who died in 2017: "She was a constant researcher, curious, able to answer disparate mathematical puzzles in an original way".