QBIO2019 - Quantitative Biomedicine for Health and Disease

Bilbao, February 13th-14th, 2019

The fifth edition of the BCAM Workshop on “Quantitative Biomedicine for Health and Disease” will take place in Bilbao on the 13th and 14th of February 2019 to discuss recent investigations bringing the human health and its pathologies onto the language and methods of quantitative sciences, like mathematics and engineering. The main goal of this workshop is to create cross talk between these two research fields, still pretty isolated islands, and engage in a debate on the potential compatibilities, advantages and disadvantages of one approach over the other in combination with their potential to address important biomedical questions.

This workshop provides an informal forum for discussing the most recent findings, developments and challenges in the field of quantitative biomedicine. It is an explicit aim of this workshop to provide a platform for researchers who currently are working in biomedicine to come together and discuss: a) the scope and nature of information provided by Biomedical data; b) the assumptions and constraints imposed by mathematical and engineering approaches; c) the capacity and limitations that arise when particular methods (i.e. modeling and simulation, network theory or image processing) are employed in the study of different human pathologies. This year’s edition will have a particular focus on cancer and neurological diseases.

The workshop structure combines high profile speakers and young talented researchers across world-leading institutions. Discussions will have an emphasis on current approaches and outstanding questions that should be addressed in future research. Therefore, we expect this event to ensure a diverse and lively interaction between participants, helping especially early-career researchers to focus their interests on relevant topics for future advancement in quantitative biomedicine. Three short lectures will be offered to participant researchers and a poster session will be organized for student to be able to present their research work.

Finally, this year’s edition will be a satellite event of ICIAM2019, the International Congress in Industrial and Applied Mathematics, taking place on July 15th-19th, 2019, in Valencia (https://iciam2019.org).

Important dates

Abstract submission deadline: 04/02/2019

Workshop: 13-14/02/2019

Program committee

  • Luca Gerardo-Giorda (BCAM, Bilbao)
  • Jesús M. Cortés (Biocruces Bizkaia, Bilbao)
  • Sebastiano Stramaglia (University of Bari)

Organizing committee

  • Luca Gerardo-Giorda (BCAM, Bilbao)
  • Jesus M. Cortes (BioCruces HRI, Bilbao)
  • Sebastiano Stramaglia (University of Bari)
  • Martina Conte (BCAM, Bilbao)
  • Nicole Cusimano (BCAM, Bilbao)
  • Julia Kroos (BCAM, Bilbao)
  • Isabella Marinelli (BCAM, Bilbao)