Preliminary dates for Minysimposia:

A preliminary schedule, with the days of the week corresponding to all the accepted minisymposia, is available in the table below. You can also download the list in a PDF file by clicking here.

We would like to remind you that registration closed on 16 February. Unlike in the standard SIAM conferences, we will NOT provide on-site registration. This policy was clearly stated on the website of the conference since the beginning.

As such, only the registered speakers in the minisymposia have been taken into account when making the schedule.

If you have any questions regarding the schedule, please contact the organizers at

MS Code Day(s) Title
MS01 Mo Metastable stochastic dynamics in materials: from MD to kMC
MS02 Mo,Tu Metastable stochastic dynamics in materials: trajectory sampling and coarse-graining
MS03 Mo,Tu Polycrystalline Microstructures: Recent Advances and New Trends
MS04 Mo,Tu Scale bridging in material modelling and structural optimization: A minisymposium in honor of Andrej Cherkaev’s 70th birthday
MS05 Mo Data-driven Modeling for Multiscale Materials Physics
MS06 Tu Mathematical and Numerical Approaches to Energy Science
MS07 Tu, We Computational Statistical Physics and Related Fields
MS08 Mo, Tu Predictive Multiscale Materials Design with Mathematical Modelling and
Machine Learning
MS09 Tu, We Homogenization, Control and Microstructure Identification-A confluence of Ideas
MS10 Mo,Tu, We Mathematical Analysis of Soft Materials
MS11 Mo, We Coagulation-fragmentation: modelling & mathematical theory
MS12 Th,Fr Complex Microstructures in Solid Crystals
MS13 We Self-Assembly of Soft Matter: Models and Methods
MS14 We Textures, interfaces, and defects in crystalline and magnetic materials: the variational viewpoint.
MS15 Th Hydrodynamics at Small Scales: Complex Fluids, Fluctuations and Applications
MS16 Tu, We Modeling and Simulation of 2D Materials and  Ultra-Thin Films
MS17 Th, Fr Data and Dynamics
MS18/MS53 Th, Fr Analysis and Computation of Topological Materials / Waves in topological materials
MS19 We Nanomagnetism: Analysis, Modeling, Simulation, Experiments
MS20 We, Th Variational and phase-field approaches to fracture: from geometric measure theory to the engineer’s desk.
MS21 Th Bulk and Surface Diffusion in Structured Membranes
MS22 We,Th Mathematical Aspects of Origami Design
MS23 Th, Fr New developments in atomistic and continuum free-discontinuity problems
MS24 Wed Pattern formation in nano and biomaterials
MS25 Tu, We Computational Geometry, Topology and Symmetry Meet Material Science
MS26 We, Th Emergence of spatiotemporal patterns in electrolytes and soft matter systems
MS27 Mo, Tu Geometric Optimization Problems in Materials Science
MS28 Fr Nonlocal Effects in Variational Models of Materials
MS29 We, Th Recent analytical and numerical developments on Fluid and Solid Mechanics: inhomogeneous fluids, geophysical phenomena, complex fluids and materials
MS30 Tu Microstructure and topology
MS31 We,Th,Fr At the intersection of geometry, elasticity and meta-materials
MS32 Mo Fractional Order Operators and their Applications in Material Science
MS33 Th,Fr Asymptotic analysis of variational models in solid mechanics
MS34 Mo,Tu Nonlinear Waves and Patterns in Granular and Continuous Media
MS35 Th Stochastic homogenization and related topics
MS36 We,Th,Fr Modeling the non-equilibrium dynamics of solid surfaces at the nanoscale
MS37 Mo,Tu Multiscale methods in materials science
MS38 Tu Multi-Scale Statistical Descriptors of Materials
MS39 Th,Fr Flow, Order, and Topology: Liquid Crystals, Active Matter, and Biology
MS40 Tu,We Metamaterials for mechanical, thermal and acoustic applications
MS41 We,Th,Fr Frontiers in nonreciprocity, metamaterials, and non-symmetric effective tensors
MS42 Mo Advances in mathematics of natural materialsPa
MS43 We Machine learning for interatomic potentials
MS44 Tu Recent Progress in Configuration Interaction Calculation
MS45 Th,Fr Computation and analysis of multiscale modeling in material defects and inhomogeneities
MS46 Th,Fr Multi-phase flow and dynamics of interfaces: analysis and numerics
MS47 We Multiscale and stochastic effects in evolution of materials
MS48 We,Th Multiscale and coarse-grained modeling of crystal defects, grain boundaries, and plasticity
MS49 Tu Modeling and simulation of stochastic phenomena in inhomogenous materials
MS50 Th Physics based and data-driven multiscale materials modelling
MS51 Fr Geometric flows in Problems from Materials Science
MS52 Th,Fr Multiscale simulation methods for soft matter systems
MS54 Tu,We Numerical Methods for electronic structure calculations
MS55 Mo,Tu Soft materials: patterns, instabilities, and controlled deformations
MS56 Mo Variational Models: Theory, Computations, and Applications to Materials
MS57 Mo Auxetic Design
MS58 Th Shape, topology and material optimization
MS59 Mo Electronic Structure Methods: Quantum Magnetism and Numerical Approaches  Beyond Density-Functional Theory
MS60 Mo Homogenization and Applications
MS61 Th Soft materials: liquid crystals and beyond