All persons who registered on the Siam MS20 will be refunded 90% of the fee except for the charges, subject to completing the reimbursement request form sent by email.

The deadline for submitting this form is 20 January 2021. No refund will be provided if we have not received your request by this deadline.

If you have registered for MS20 and you have not received this email please contact us as at siam2020@bcamath.org
1Will the fee for the MS21 conference be at a similar level as the MS20 one?
No the fee for MS21 will be significantly smaller as suitable for a non-presencial event, which allows cutting a number of costs (such as renting rooms, equipments, coffee breaks and so on).
2Will it be possible to pay by credit card for the new registration fee?
3Why is it necessary to have two operations, namely why not just substract out of the reimbursed quantity for MS20 the fee for the new conference, MS21 and reimburse the difference?
Unfortunately this is not possible as the two operations need to be handled by two distinct systems. We will use a new system for the conference MS21 in order to address various concerns and complaints from last year.
4Why is it necessary to provide bank details when I paid by PayPal?
PayPal does not allow reimbursements older than three months, hence we need to use a bank transfer to provide the reimbursement.
5When will I, as a minisypmosia organiser announced who registered and who did not, in order to know who to contact for the new conference?
We will notify the minisypmosia organisers about this before the opening of the new minisymsposia submission (scheduled for November)
6The new conference seems to take place over two weeks, is this correct?
Indeed, the virtual conference will take place over two weeks (without the weekend between them) as it will be necessary to start later and finish earlier than in an in-person conference, in order to have reasonable times simultaneously for participants form Europe, Americas and Asia. Also as shown by the experience of the SIAM Annual meeting in 2020 this is helpful in order to address the fatigue associated with attending virtual conferences.